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Enterprise Reportlets Builder for SAP
Demo-1:  Building Reportlets  (Static)
Demo-2:  Running Reportlets  (Static)
Demo-3:  Portal Reportlets  (Static)


Demos: Enterprise Reportlets Builder for SAP

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Building a Reportlet Building Reportlets Demo
A demonstration of the Enterprise Reportlets Builder design-time environment. This demo shows how easy it is to web-enable an ABAP report.
Demo Running a Reportlet Running Reportlets Demo
This demo shows how to run the Reportlet as stand-alone web application. You will discover how running a reportlet is so simple and is identical to running an Abap Report in SAP.
Reportlets inside Portals. Portal Reportlets Demo
In this demo, you will see how reportlets can be embedded inside a portal environment as portlets.

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